Pastor’s Corner (04/04/19)

 In Pastor's Corner

“Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.”  Karen Salmansohn

At our most recent Outreach Team meeting, Team Leader Elaine Parman shared the above quote. She shared it as an invitation to guide our thinking about our ministry of Outreach on behalf of FCC. It also struck me as a powerful way of looking at the seasons of Lent and Easter. As we move through the busyness of life, particularly during this hectic time of year, it’s easy to lose sight of what it’s all about.  We may be tempted to believe that our contributions to God’s work in the world are insignificant, and that we are unable to make a meaningful difference in the world in which we live. Sometimes it’s tempting to think that we don’t have enough fame or money to make a difference. However, the above quote reminds us that it is often in the little things we do every day that our lives, and the lives of others, are changed.

One man made such a difference. People tried to put him down as a lowly carpenter, a traveling teacher, a Galilean. Thankfully, he saw the good in us and was willing to lay down his life for our redemption. He saw the goodness in us and invites us to do the same for one another. Following his lead, we are invited to live in ways that empower others to see the good in themselves and in one another. In this way, our lives are a witness to this goodness. Here at FCC we witness and lift up the goodness in humanity in a variety of ways. In worship we testify to the goodness of people as created and redeemed by God. During Lent we are invited to be aware of the ways in which we often obscure this goodness. However, this is not the final word. We move through Lent on the journey towards Holy Week and Easter. It is in Jesus’ triumph over the grave that we witness the innate goodness of God shown to all people.

We also testify to the goodness of people by being there for others. Our Outreach Team invites us to do this as we reach out to the neighborhood around our church. We invite others to see the goodness of people as we contribute to our collection barrel and reach out to many who experience the worst life, and often people, have to offer. Without our outreach many people in our community, nation and world would have no reason to believe in the goodness of others. As we invite people into our space through our hospitality, strangers and friends can experience the goodness of people first-hand. As the Elders, Deacons and Stephen Ministers reach out to those hurting, the recipients of their care  are invited to see the goodness in themselves and others. As our Care Minister and Pastor visit the sick and homebound, those they visited are invited to experience the goodness of others too.

Our world provides ample examples of the depravity of people. As Christians we are invited to see the good in everyone and empower them to see the good in themselves.  May we, individually and as a community, “Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people” and of God.

In love and joy,

Pastor Karen


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