Pastor’s Corner October 26, 2023

 In Pastor's Corner

Dear Friends,

Here we are, the final week of our annual stewardship drive. Since June we have been taking a
look at how we “give” so that God’s kingdom can be increased here on earth. We’ve talked
many times about how generous God is with us, blessing us with family, community, homes,
food, and so many other things. Most importantly, God has blessed us with God’s son Jesus
Christ so that we might have life and have it in abundance. As a sign of our gratitude for God’s
lavish blessings we give back to God a portion of what has been given to us. That brings us to
this coming Sunday, Commitment Sunday, when we’ll bring our pledges to church for a blessing
during our worship service. Your pledges will allow us to know what our budget will be for the
coming year.

Did you know generosity has positive health benefits? Many different studies have shown that
being generous to others helps us physically and mentally. “Research suggests that the act of
giving can help us feel a sense of purpose, reduce our stress and depression levels and can even
help us improve our self-esteem,” explains Lynne Gallagher, LCSW, a clinical psychiatry
specialist. “These emotional benefits then lead to positive impacts to our physical health.” Some
of the physical health benefits from generosity include having lower blood pressure and
improved heart health, in addition to a longer life span. We also feel better because when we are
generous towards others our brain puts out more of the chemicals that help us feel good:
oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, which help regulate our moods and create feelings of
connection with others.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, it really comes down to one important reason to give:
God tells us to love each other. It’s a command, actually. To love each other means to take care
of others’ needs, and that takes resources. When you give to First Christian Church, you are
allowing us to reach out with love to those who are hurting, hopeless and needing to remember
that God loves them.

Thank you for your generous hearts and loving spirits. You do make a difference, and I see it
every day. I give thanks for you, and I am excited to see you on Sunday!


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