Pastor’s Corner (9/23/2021)

 In Pastor's Corner

“The future is focused on what one does now, we are not bound by our past.”

John Maxwell Team Member

Recently I participated in a John Maxwell Leadership Team Zoom meeting focused on the topic “The Law of the Rubber Band.” This topic came from the book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Personal Growth by John C. Maxwell. The focus of that law is the importance of stretching oneself. A rubber band must retain some elasticity in order to stretch. If it loses the capacity to stretch it becomes worthless. There is a difference between “stretching” and “straining.” If one strains too much the outcome is often injury, or in the case of the rubber band, breakage. Our leaders for this discussion reviewed the 7 benefits of stretching. While these are written for individuals, I believe they are equally applicable to our community of faith here at FCC.

  1. Very few people want to stretch, they want to stay in their comfort zone. So stretching is exceeding what most people would do. One MUST move beyond average. Average is over-rated.
  2. Settling for the status quo leads to boredom and just settling. We must leave behind normal and average.
  3. Stretching always starts from the inside out. We are invited to measure ourselves against ourselves. “The future is focused on what we do now, we are not bound by our past. It’s never too late to become what we might have been.”
  4. Stretching always requires change. The rubber band cannot stay the same to do its job.
  5. Stretching sets you apart from others. One has to only do 10% more to be above average. Mediocrity is the norm in our country. Mediocrity is doing less than our best. “We want to under-promise and over-deliver.” Show up each day better than you were the day before. When the leader gets better the team gets better too.
  6. Stretching can become a life style. We need to be surrounded by people who stretch us.
  7. Stretching gives us a shot at significance. There’s a big gap between good and great.

As we reflected on these 7 benefits of stretching we were invited to ponder 2 questions:

  • When was the last time you stretched?
  • What do you need to do now to do so?

I am asking myself these 2 questions and I invite us all to do the same. As we move into the fall and begin planning for 2022, we must be willing to stretch as individuals and as a congregation.


In peace and love,

Pastor Karen


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