Pastor’s Corner (6/10/2021)

 In Pastor's Corner

“Many things in life just happen, but positive change isn’t one of them. Changing anything in our world requires someone to be the catalyst.”

John C. Maxwell and Rob Hoskins

In the book Change Your World, authors John C. Maxwell and Rob Hoskins walk the reader through the various steps that lead to making positive change. So often it seems overwhelming to ponder how our world can be a better place and many of us feel powerless to make a difference. I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore ways in which I, as your pastor and one of your leaders here at FCC, can be a catalyst for positive change in our congregation and community. I was drawn to the John Maxwell Team because I believe it can equip me better to serve all of you and, in the process, help equip all of you to be the positive catalysts for change that are needed in our world today. I really resonate with the positive approach presented in all their material. I also have the sense that their values match our own. The above authors remind us that change begins with caring. At the heart of their message is the concept of transformation: the transformation of leaders that leads to the transformation of communities.

We find ourselves at point in time and history that cries out for transformation. They offer a quote from Peter Drucker that really spoke to me, “you cannot predict the future, but you can create it.” As we move beyond COVID, there is an invitation to create meaningful change and transformation. Maxwell and Hoskins go on to remind the reader that we can use our past changes as inspiration for changes in the future. Moving towards transformation involves focusing on what we can do moving forward. This involves being open to seeing things in new ways. They cited organizational psychologist Benjamin Hardy who said, “True learning occurs when you can see the same thing with new eyes. They call this a Copernican Revolution. For example, when we as a people realized the sun did not revolve around the earth, but vice-versa. That single insight shifted how we saw everything. We were looking at the same stimulus but with a new frame.”

We have a unique opportunity to “see things in a new way.” This coming academic year we will have the privilege of working with two “Seminarians in Residence.” Both of them will provide opportunities to see ourselves and our ministries here at FCC in new and fresh ways. Although I have only been with you for five years, they come on the scene without many of the presuppositions that many of us have already formed. Although Kelly Tyrrell has been serving as our Church Administrator for the past couple of years, her additional service as an intern will involve seeing us with fresh eyes. The second intern, Leigh Todd Lestina, has come to know us better over the past few months and will also be serving our congregation in new ways. Each of them brings different gifts and interests and will serve with us in a variety of ways. They both hope to gain some experience with congregational pastoral work. They hope to serve in the areas of Worship, Christian Education, Pastoral Care, and visitation. They plan to attend meetings, lead classes, work with our adults and youth, and participate in community events. As they learn and grow, we will be invited to do so, too. I suspect they will share new insights, bring new gifts, and provide energy and enthusiasm. Sharing in their formation as future pastors and leaders is a gift and an honor for our congregation. We will officially welcome them into ministry with us next Sunday, June 13, during worship. I know they will find a warm welcome here and many opportunities to grow and serve.

As our “Seminarians in Residence” learn and grow may we join them on this journey of transformation.


In love and joy,

Pastor Karen


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