Pastor’s Corner (10/04)

 In Pastor's Corner

“For we are God’s servants, working together.” 1 Corinthians 3:9

While living in Prague I came to appreciate the beauty and functionality of bridges. The Vltava River flows through the heart of the city and several bridges link the various parts of the city to one another. The Charles Bridge is world famous and dates back centuries. Now it is a pedestrian bridge that joins the Old Town to the Lesser Town and it beckons tourists and inhabitants alike. The bridge became an important symbol for me during my ministry there. I felt as though God had called me to serve as a bridge between the Church in the
US and the Church in the Czech Republic. Besides being decorative, bridges fulfill an important function, connecting people and places.

The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) here at FCC is essentially a bridge between the pastor and the congregation. The Bylaws of the congregation state:
“The Pastoral Relations Committee purposes shall be to:

Provide an avenue of constructive communication between the pastor and the leadership of the church in order to cultivate an open, affirmative relationship between the pastor and the congregation.

Provide a support group for the pastor, pastor’s spouse and family.

Verify that any issues brought before members of the Pastoral Relations Committee by one or more members of the church family have a name(s) attached when brought to the pastor for discussion. The PRC in cooperative discussion with the pastor shall determine whether issues of concern shall be brought before the board of elders or whether a third party mediator shall be brought in to enhance resolution of any matters that may be threatening to the spiritual, organizational or psychological welfare of the congregation or the welfare of the pastor.”

Several people have agreed to serve on this important Committee. Lindsay Swanson has agreed to serve as the Chair. The members are: Tom Mason, Elaine Parman, Karl Ahrendsen, Cec Burkhart, Jim Blosser and Dani Berger. The PRC is intentionally made up of a diverse group of people who represent as wide a range of parishioners as possible. I am grateful for the support and accountability that working with this group provides. I strive to grow and improve in my service as pastor with this congregation. It is my hope that people
will feel free to come talk with me if there are any questions or concerns. However, I realize that sometimes it’s a bit intimidating to chat with or challenge the pastor, so, it is my hope that if coming to me directly isn’t an option please feel free to talk with any of the members of the PRC. The PRC is that important bridge between me and the congregation so feel free to use it. As the Apostle Paul said; “For we are God’s servants, working together.” Join us in this important work. We invite your prayers, your support and your input.

With a truly grateful heart,
Pastor Karen

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